21 August 2013

An aside

So, what am I thinking, while I permit my brain a rest from the rigors of composition proper?

Overall, and even though there remains no short-term prospect of performance (still no date for the hoped-for upstate New York performance of the string pastoral, and maybe more, for instance), I find a renewed motivation, and even enthusiasm, to resume the White Nights project. (I must have 50 minutes of music yet to write.)

As a means of easing back into it, sometime soon I shall reconstruct the Overture in Sibelius. This will be a good workshop, too, for learning how to work in larger scores in Sibelius; I'm not really surprised to reflect that quite probably all my work in Sibelius thus far has been chamber or choral music.

Should pick the Mass back up, of course by starting with wrapping up the Credo.

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PC said...

Your fans demand a Sanctus.