24 August 2013

Eyes only

This morning was all reading, review. I read through the clarinet part, measure by measure, in real time, partly to confirm that the layout does not want any further clean-up, but more importantly still, to mentally step through fingerings at tempo, to take stock of the practicing which will want doing.

This piece puts me in something of an unusual position: I am the accompanist. For many of my prior concerts, the target of the preparatory arc was, the date of the performance. For this piece, though, the singer will rely on me to be solid, prepared. So I must aim to be ready, perhaps not entirely by the very first rehearsal, but certainly by the second. (I should not be in musical disarray at the first rehearsal, either.)

And I read through the full score in its entirety again.

For the unaccompanied stanza, I have taken thought for three strategically placed clarinet notes. Still inclined to leave them optional; will seek out the singer's opinion, when she has had a chance to review the piece.

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