16 August 2013

Taffy pull

In breaking news:  still haven’t brought the close of the Trumpeter to quite the state I want it in.
(Finishing this piece is not a straight line.  It is a forest . . . .)
Yesterday’s re-write is a substantial improvement, so the work is bearing fruit.  And so much of the earlier course of the piece came to me so readily, I mustn’t complain if I find myself rolling up my sleeves at this point.
Still, you know:  I want this piece done, for all the usual reasons (it needs showing to the performer;  and I want to move on to the next piece).  Truth to tell, part of the annoyance is simply knowledge that, with my schedule, there’s no addressing what those measures need, until . . . I shan’t say Saturday evening, since I have every expectation of needing to recover and relax then, but Sunday.
In other news . . . looks like Kingsfold will get an airing in early September, the first since its initial performance in (crikey) 1998.
Face it:  I was unknown then;  I remain unknown 15 years later (notwithstanding a great deal of music which I have written all this time, much of it work I am proud to have created);  I shall likely die unknown.
The only thing which can express proper outrage at that, is to continue creating the best music I can, for as long as I can.

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