22 August 2013

The plan has been altered

... well, it wasn't an official plan, of course. But the thought crossed my mind that, once the Trumpeter was finished, I might write the two shorter pieces more or less at the same time. To be sure, initial ideas for both came in through the motivic clearing-house not only at about the same time, but as I was finalizing the composition of the Whitman setting.

However, I seem to be inclining towards divide-and-conquer, now that (barring the two purely cosmetic touch-ups I'm contemplating) the Trumpeter is done.

Still, I may continue with the program of brain-rest for tonight.

Reading in wikipedia today, I chuckled to learn that the seventh of the titular Seven Samurai was added in when Kurosawa reflected, at an early-ish stage of developing the script,  that "six sober samurai were boring."

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