10 August 2013

Haste, oh haste!

It appears that I have passed through the borderland between Will this project never draw to an end?! and the piece snowballing towards the final double-bar, with a most artistically satisfying result. And sometimes, it's as easy as writing that bit that you feel like writing now.

This morning, not only did I wrap up stanza 7 (even while I reserve the possibility of interposing a clarinet note here or there) — which was not a grand labor, some 20 measures of writing — but I also caught up with all the remaining text of stanza 8, writing up 59 measures there.

At this point, then, what remains is to fashion the clarinet accompaniment for most of stanza 7 (for which I have ample material, so that it almost seems just a matter of "stitching"); and to write out the voice line for the song of Joy.

Reaching the end this weekend is a clear possibility.

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