18 August 2013

A tale of two files

All in all, the re-written stanza 8 is (I believe) the goods.  Now, for finishing school . . . .

Without too much trouble, the clarinet part for The Mystic Trumpeter has workable page turns. I have not luxuriated in cues, but when we rehearse I shall see if any more cues need be added.

The endgame for this piece, curiously, includes (I think, of necessity) two parallel Sibelius files: one with the clarinet line as the clarinetist will need to read it in transposition; the other, the score in C with sundry of the clarinet passages swapped into enharmonic equivalents, for the reading convenience of the singer.

Maybe there is a way to automate this, and save myself a spot of work; but it's so small a spot (I hope), I shall just set to it.

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