25 March 2009

Yes, it’s such a ballad at this tempo

Nearing the end of stars; I’ve plotted the rhythm of the closing section. Not a true presto, but it will have that feel, meseems.

Meanwhile, I’ve started some of the finishing, in managing pedal-changes. Most of the [A] section, I composed without taking careful thought for the pedals . . . and, apart from changing a D# to the enharmonically equivalent E-flat, it stands. Possibly the most daring thing I’ve written, for musicians other than myself.

Read a bit tonight in volume 2 of Hilary Spurling’s biography of Matisse. Incredible drama attending the production of Dance and Music, and their delivery to Shchukin in Moscow. In our time, the drama is long done, and what remains is the great Art.

Another reminder, in other words, that what I should do is, not complain about the circs. today, but just keep writing my music.

And thus, stars & guitars.

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