02 March 2009


The Boston Symphony promotes affordable tix for under-40s (and tut-tut to the Globe for the tin-eared tired headline).

Of Abacab, Bob Eichler casts the query in parenthesis, (am I the only one who doesn’t hate the throbbing jam at the end of the title track?)

Shostakovich’s Нос (The Nose), after Gogol, went missing by way of collateral damage from the firestorm over Лэди Макбет. Opera Boston now presents the New England premiere, and I nose an occasion.

And Bruce Hodges sneaks Conlon Nancarrow into a review of the WTC.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nod, Karl! And thank pianist Craig Sheppard for his excellent liner notes on his WTC 2, which pointed me toward a particularly interesting example of Bach's chromaticism. Otherwise I might have not focused on it.

Cato said...

Note how "the schools" are again partially culpable for the decline in musical taste/intelligence/experience among the younger generations: maybe the schools have tried, but are receiving no support from a kulcher that pushes moronism as genius, since it mistakes the former for the latter.


Some peanut butter should take care of that throbbing jam!

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