30 March 2009

O My Soul

So from time to time a recording of the St Paul’s choir singing a piece of mine still gets out on the airways. In this case, Bless the Lord, O My Soul . . . a recording made when? Probably not any recent performance, possibly a recording made when I served as Interim Choir Director. (I don’t tune in to the broadcasts, so I can only speculate.) E-mail comes in from a music director at a Congregational Church not far west of Boston (and a nice tie-in, for I first wrote the piece for First Congo in Woburn), who did tune in; chap likes the piece.

(Now, there is no immediate danger of Fame turning my head; nay, let us be entirely reasonable, and strike the adjective immediate from the transcript. But I trust that it will continue ever to be the case, when any fellow musician tells me that he finds music of mine moving, that such a remark will never leave me unmoved in turn.)

A couple of funny catches in the turn of the wheel . . . a reply I sent via e-mail didn’t get through, somehow . . . then I sent the pdf file, but his “old computer” cannot open the file. No matter, there is still paper, there is still the US Postal Service. The piece is wanted, not for any liturgical date, but for a Music Appreciation Sunday.

That a score of mine should be chosen for such an occasion, is certainly a double pleasure.

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