09 March 2009

How Led Zeppelin Left the Wheaton Community Center

“the crucial soundtrack to important dreams”

. . . mayhap a shade portentous, wot?

Carl Bernstein may make his way into future expansions of The Lexicon of Musical Invective:

Subsequent Led Zeppelin performances are well documented, including the band's appearance at the Laurel Pop Festival in July 1969. The Post sent Carl Bernstein to review the show. He was unimpressed with Zeppelin: “Mildly interesting, if not musically original,” he said, and he lamented that the popularity and success of Zeppelin and other British power groups “make it unpleasant to contemplate where rock is going.”

And nought to show for their visit to Wheaton, but $100 in gas money. (The Importance of Publicity.)

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