05 March 2009

Just a quick note

Worked on the bass flute ‘cadenza’ in stars & guitars on this morning’s bus.

Few days earlier (actually) firmed up a timetable for cello ensemble music.

Late this afternoon, had a very nice meeting with a harpist who most graciously played through every page not only of Lost Waters, but of the harp part to Radiant Maples. The verdict? All playable, the composer understands the harp, some of it needs practice on the part of the performer but all technically feasible.

Listened today to Bach’s Chorale Variations on “Vom Himmel hoch (budget 40-disc Bach set, so all the info I've got — not that I have it to hand now — is the name of the organist) . . . in a sense, for the first time. Realized that all the times I’ve heard it before today, it has been in Stravinsky’s marvelous arrangement.

More later.

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