07 March 2009

Idle Reading

Applying the maxim festina lente in reading Philip Norman’s biography of John Lennon. Last night I reached the brief passage about the Magical Mystery Tour project (don’t believe I’ve actually seen the movie). Learned to my delight that the Bonzo Dog Band were part of this (and that they do “Death Cab for Cutie,” which they also did on an episode of Do Not Adjust Your Set). Norman relates that the Beatles were keen to have them participate, save for surprising resistance from John . . . and that, as a result, during the shoot/walkabout, Viv Stanshall would often be wearing a T-shirt reading Lump It, John.

Lord save me for an heretic, but as I read of the passing of Brian Epstein and of the resulting trauma experienced by the lads from Liverpool, I couldn’t help thinking of the parallel episode in The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash.

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