21 March 2009

More of Just the Usual, Really

Nothing is impossible for the man who doesn’t have to do it himself.
A.H. Weiler (1968)

Scheduling is perforce an activity which tends to look into a future which is apt to seem distant, but word is encouraging viz. a spring ’10 performance of the Passion according to St John, in Rhode Island.

This composer had a beastly early Saturday (← cheap plea for low-grade sympathy; please send tea), required in part by a half-hour’s walk to the train platform (the MBTA doesn’t really get me there, thus early of a weekend ← send more tea). At least (once I got to the platform) the sun was rising and warmly bright. Got off the train at North Station, hopped on the Orange Line . . . and the train sat at State Street for . . . a while. So I got back to work on stars & guitars, which I think may be the first time I’ve composed on the subway (do so on the trains and buses all the time, naturalmente). Which converted what most commuters probably viewed as an inconvenience (nor do I suggest they are at all wrong to do so) into a fun as well as productive time.

I am tempted to paraphrase Eleanor Roosevelt: no one can make me feel inconvenienced without my consent.

I also hear that the First Church choir will sing my Exaltabo te, Deus sometime. Sometime soon. Don’t know just when. Perhaps it may coincide with my serving as a sub.

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