24 July 2018

Yes, White Nights some more

Plan for the day:
1. Build a fire on Main Street

2. Shoot it full of holes

3. Show that guy that this can be done with no loss of control
A strong start on Intermezzo III . . . so strong, I wonder if it will not grow past its 'appointed' 4"45 (that is, today's work is already a full minute of music, and I am planning a return to this material . . . clearly, the contrasting section(s) will need a certain duration to carry its/their weight).

Well, as long as I feel that it is music worth the listening . . . I can always cut down, otherwise.

In all events, I think it likely that I should finish the Intermezzo this week, and then (yes, at last) roll my sleeves up for A Heart So White.  When I do set to work on the ballet, it takes over.  Which is the good thing:  an end to the project is well in sight.

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