10 July 2018

The known, the likely anticipatable, and the unexpected

Like clockwork, I see a call for scores for Band of Brothers (the names have been changed, because we're all of us mostly innocent). They're going to get half a metric tonne of submissions, and (no more than earlier occasions) no piece of mine will ring their bell. But I should submit something, anyway.  If you don't play, you certainly don't win.

On a different kind of playing, I am thinking of kind-of-joining a wind band. Depends on if they'll have me, in the first place, and perhaps if they mind if (purely for reasons of my own schedule) I go easy, on a concert-by-concert basis. Obviously, if I'm in for (say) the first concert in the fall, I'd take the obligation seriously.

At the end of 2009 (!) I sent a message to a local conductor. I don't know that he ever saw the message. No matter, such messages can be a surprisingly frail, unreliable medium.  On the near relative to a whim, I reached out afresh, and we connected. Without making any promise too large, he has allowed me to send a score. We shall see. Sometimes, I am pleased simply that there has been a conversation.

It is a rare thing, truly, for any musical benefit to be harvested from social media. For that reason, it is a great jubilation to report that we sold a copy of the Op.34 organ pieces. Grateful that the music is part of the Lux Nova Press catalogue, and grateful to the organist to whom I was probably completely unknown before I supplied the link to the Lux Nova Press webstore page.

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