08 July 2018

It Might Be . . . done

This morning, made good progress on It Might Be Today, even as I needed to mind the clock. Went to Danvers for rehearsals at church after the service—our first go at Five Smooth Stones From the Wadi.  We are to play it—we shall play it—in the service next week, and it will go very nicely;  given my quirky rhythmic sense, the first rehearsal is perforce an exercise partly in our finding our mutual footing.  A good rehearsal, and good to have gotten it out of the way a week ahead of “show time.”

This afternoon, I may well have finished It Might Be Today.  As there is no rush, I am letting it rest overnight, and shall try the question further in the morning.

Four years ago today, I was mulling the remaining movements of the Mass.  Apart from the general fact that (apart from the Kyrie long ago) all the performances of movements of the Mass have been sung by Triad . . . it rather puzzles me that the Sanctus has not yet been sung.

About time to set in to serious work on A Heart So White.

Eight days more until we should hear about the Doom upon Ear Buds.

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