29 July 2018

To recapitulate

The first PDF of Intermezzo III is dated 24 July, realizing the A1 trombone-&-tuba chorale which I plotted the day before.  Although I reviewed the whole this morning, I saw no changes needed to the composition as I laid it down yesterday, 28 July.  So, 23—28 July:  I executed the number in the space of six days;  and five of those six, normal workdays.

Could I have done the work quicker, if I did not have the ‘distraction’ of the day-job?  It seems the natural question, yet I do not know that I should have arrived at the result in appreciably less time.  (In one important sense, the question is pointlessly hypothetical, since I do not see any change in my work/revenue situation this side of retirement.)  Really, what matters is, the fact of having a full-time job does not interfere with my creative production.  There now remain four numbers of the ballet to compose (22 minutes of music, depending on how the process plays out).  Even allowing for the need, now, to address myself responsibly to the completion of A Heart So White for the October concert (let’s say I should have it done, and ready to hand out to the band by 18 August) it is not an unreasonable line of speculation, that White Nights may be done by year’s end.

The Intermezzo did indeed run past the 4:45 schema duration, to almost six minutes.

And a bit amusinglynot truly surprising, since the time of year (plus the consideration of the church choir season having closed) lends itself to rededication to White Nights—I have uploaded the MIDI demo of Intermezzo III one year minus a day from the upload of Intermezzo II.

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