20 July 2018

The time I am biding

Ah, be not false, sweet Splendor!
Be true, be good;
Be wise as thou art tender;
Be all that Beauty should.
– Richard Watson Gilder (1844-1909)

My old friend Michael Joseph announces a new appointment as Music Director at First Parish in Malden.  Mazel tov!

Triad repertory meeting tonight.  Must be a good sign, that it still feels energizing and positive, at the start of a fresh cycle.  I have a feeling that this will at last be the season for us to sing Ottevanger;  and the new book of Madrigals by Leichtling is also a strong candidate.

Listening to Buxtehude as played by Bine Bryndorf of Copenhagen, on several organs, recorded this century.

Equanimity Check:  Doing just dandy.  If Ear Buds shouldn't make “the cut,” it will just be the latest of two dozen calls for which my submission was not accepted.  And if the result is positive, well, that’s enough.  If it is really, hoping against hope, taken up, looks like I need to carve out a couple of days from the office in September.  Less than four weeks before we (ought to) hear viz. my quirky dances.

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