28 July 2018

Closing in on the Op.75 #16

Yesterday evening, as planned (insofar as there is planning involved), I did execute the plan for the A2 section of Intermezzo III.  As with so many moments and passages in my work, generally, and in White Nights in particular, there were the elements of The Plan, there was improvised modification of elements of The Plan, and there was spontaneous Addition.  At the end of the work session, the composer was well pleased both with A2 Itself, and with its place in the Intermezzo.

This morning, it was time for B2.  In my scheme (legible with amplification, here) the tempo would be a shade faster than B1, and I should both modify and expand the imitative pizzicato (plus percussion).  The time-honored principle that Less Is More visited my thoughts early on, and I am thinking of leaving out the wind chords for B2, allowing for the final trombone-&-flute chorale to be a yet more striking ‘arrival.’ So I leave it thus at present, and will now address me to that concluding chorale, while reserving the right (of course) to modify B2 as I may see fit, when the number has reached the final double-bar.

This morning’s work is already substantial, and there is a reasonable chance that the number will be finished today.

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