23 May 2018

The Opus 148 marches on

Now that I am back all in, mentally, for The Nerves, my (entirely realistic, achievable) goals are:

  1. Work at least a little on it each day
  2. Generate at least 15" more each day
To produce more of the piece, it is not necessary that I have a full page of big band MS. paper to stretch out while I am in a subway car;  I can just work with my 3-ring binder, and project.

As of this morning, the piece was at the 1:18 mark, although I had doubts (at 5:45 A.M.) about this or that passage.  When I reviewed the score this evening, all doubts had apparently evaporated;  I think everything works perfectly fine.  I then built it out, using sketches I had drawn up on the Red Line heading into Boston this morning.  The piece is now at 1:45.

If I only keep true to the 15"-per-day goal, I could reach a kind of final double-bar by mid-June (or by June's-end, if I suspend The Nerves while I am participating in the competition, of course).  If (as I did, today) work proceeds well ahead of the minimal 15", there is the odd chance that the piece may be done before the competition gets started.

Either way, I shall rest content.

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