14 May 2018

The Deep Breath of early this morning

In my verbal notes from Thursday (?), I listed one section as cl murmurs and ‘allotted’ it 30 seconds.  I had not then formed the specific musical matter, just had a rough idea, and the scribble was meant as both memorandum and springboard.

In the score as of Sunday evening, this is the passage from m. 145 to the ‘end,’ m. 167, a passage which runs nearly a minute, i.e. much more than “planned”;  but that 30" was not a fixed plan, just part of the rough idea.  And the fact is that if this section stops hard at m. 167, it is of course too abrupt;  I felt it needed a compact rhetorical answer, which I did compose this morning before beetling off to work.

So, perhaps (given the present verbal outline) the entire piece may run 12 minutes.  Or perhaps it will expand to (probably) no more than 15.  I shall do some more work at lunchtime, and we shall (begin to) see.

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