22 May 2018

Suite for flute, clarinet & bassoon

Nigh unto two years ago, Gentle Reader – and as recorded here – I wrote two 60-second bagatelles in response to a call.  (Yes, it would probably have to be in response to a call, that I write a piece as brief as 60 seconds; I mean, we’re really only getting warmed up by then, aren’t we?)  One of these was Out From the Unattended Baggage for flute, clarinet & bassoon.  Lux Nova Press is presently compiling a listing of music for bassoon, and it has been suggested that this too-brief bagatelle might form the core of a short suite.  Faith, I consider it an excellent suggestion.

The first question is:  Do I expand the original 60-sec. piece?  And I am inclined to a simple No.  That inclination may not prevent me from slightly letting out a seam here and there;  upon a cursitory glance, it does not appear to me that the fabric of the composition should be significantly re-engineered.

So my thought is instead to designate the present piece as the scherzo of a four-movement Suite.  At the moment, my thoughts are:

I. Toward the Unconfirmed Itinerary – Slow introduction, and Moderato body;  say 3'00
II. Not My Boarding PassAdagio, 2'00
III. Out From the Unattended BaggagePoco vivo, 1'00
IV. Odysseus in SheepsheadAllegretto, 2'30

All of these, subject to reconsideration;  all the more, because I am going to leave the work to wait until after:

  1. The Nerves
  2. Heart So White
  3. The two-week get-a-piece-written event

And, there we have it.

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