21 May 2018

Fresh To-Do List

Items to focus on near-term:

  • Heart So White . . . test the present state of the fixed media for timing with the scene.
    • Possible problem:  fixed media too short
    • Remedy:  determine extent of needed expansion, and see to it.
  • The Nerves . . . set down ideas, verbal and musical.  Finish before Independence Day?
    • Possible Problem:  too musically demanding
    • Remedy:  carry on, write the piece as I wish
  • Memory Almost Full . . . recording session
  • Nun of the Above . . . recording session

It is possible that Deep Breath will not suit the group which I had in mind when forming the piece;  even if not, that is fine, as there are other groups for which it will prove a good fit.

As I was chatting with Matthew Marsit, and he asked me about my plans for the summer, I told him about White Nights.  Although it is not a piece which would apply at all to the Charles River Wind Ensemble, he sounded both impressed with and enthusiastic about the project.  I wanted to mark the incident, with gratitude.

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