10 May 2018

Breathing, and Lumbering

Yesterday evening, I made (what I feel is) good progress on Deep Breath, emerging from the poco agitato beginning into the main body of the piece, which is of just the character I wanted.  On the bus this morning I sketched a contrasting section within the main body;  yet, as I consider the pace (and, yes, breath) of mm. 31-64, I feel that a contrast there is a bit on the abrupt side.  So for lunch today, I wrote out an answer, which is “the new mm. 64-73,” and I think my contrast from this morning will proceed satisfactorily from m.74.

On the bus ride home yesterday (I am, indeed, putting the commute to artistic use) I tried something entirely new to me, sketching a new text, on my phone.  This morning, I found it more than acceptable, which did not stop me from brushing it up (without spoilage, I do not think).

Not sure either why I now remember the great tortoise
Walking on the roadside near the Wenham pond
We almost could not believe our eyes
Carefully backed the car and sure enough
A lumbering solemn tortoise
Sagacious in its determined patience
Or maybe just moving because
She felt she must

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