01 May 2018

Miscellany of May

Enjoyable (as ever) Triad rehearsal last night.

As a result of having been introduced (via e-mail) to a Romanian violinist, there is now a chance that the violin adaptation of the Variations on a Basque Carol may be performed.

One of my tasks this week (or so) is to create a flute obbligato for the Alleluia in D.  What a delight to have a talented youngster available to play along with the choir.

David Bohn, organist & clavichordist, reports that the recording session has been scheduled for late May, which will include my own DC-written bagatelle, The last man to come to the vineyard to work.

The working title for my new piece for Duo Zonda appears to be Not at all what I thought I heard (Grapefruits of Rage).

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