13 January 2015

The letter I didn't send

Dear D-,

It's a few years since we were last in touch, and you regretted to inform me that your ensemble, dedicated to performing music by living composers, has no use for my work because it does not sound like the music of N., whose work you like. Of course, there's no reason on earth why you shouldn't like N.'s work (met him at Symphony one evening, nice chap); but I could have told you that my work does not sound like his, and spared you the pointless exercise. My music sounds like Henning, not like N., and (with no slight at all to N.) I am well content that this should be so.

Is there any point, do you think, of trying again, and seeing if your ensemble can appreciate the musical merits of my work without (necessarily) finding it somehow wanting, because I do not aspire to imitate some other composer's work?

Cordially yours,


jochanaan said...

Looks like that letter should go in the "beating a dead horse" file.

Cato said...

Musicians are not as broad-eared as one might think!

Karl Henning said...

The letter I sent was much more diplomatic, jo.

But this was my subtext.

Karl Henning said...

Hey! Positive response has come in (to the letter I did send. Nothing may come of it, anyway ... but still ....