31 January 2015

Page 5

. . . of the text, that is.  My working copy of the text for The Mysterious Fruit is seven pages (double-spaced).  I am now on page 5, and my goal for today is to see to all the text on this page.  My goal for tomorrow (after church, of course) is page 6.

This may perhaps be the only time when I refer to the annual event in my blog, but this is an amusing story a co-worker told at the coffee machine yesterday:

When I was in my 20s, and various girls would invite me and my friends over to watch the Super Bowl, we knew that wasn't a party we wanted to go to, because they would watch the game on like a 10-inch black-&-white set. 
Fast forward to the present, and my daughters at college are complaining, "None of the guys want to come over and watch the game because our TV is too small."  You understand: they've got a 50-inch flat-screen.  Changing times ....

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