05 January 2015


The 13 Days of Zappaness (2014)

Day 1: “Planet X” (from Uncle Meat)
Day 2: “What’s New in Baltimore?” (from Frank Zappa Meets the Mothers of Prevention)
Day 3: “Moggio” (Zappa Plays Zappa), and Dweezil explains the origin of the title
Day 4: “Twenty Small Cigars” (from Chunga’s Revenge)
Day 5: “Manx Needs Women” (from Zappa in New York)
Days 6 & 7: “Igor’s Boogie,” Phases I & II (from Burnt Weenie Sandwich
Day 8: “The Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue” (from The Best Band You Never Heard in Your Life)
Day 9: (Birthday Edition): “Watermelon in Easter Hay” (from Joe’s Garage)
Day 10: “The Gumbo Variations” (from Hot Rats)
Day 11: “Help, I’m a Rock” (from Freak Out!)
Day 12: “Eat That Question” (from Grand Wazoo)
Day 13: “The Deathless Horsie” (live in Munich)

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