20 January 2015

And otherwise

Righteous objections having been raised, against so many clef changes in such brief time, this weekend I had a go at clarifying the notation in the violoncello version of the Op.126 N° 3. We await word advising of the degree (if any) of success these efforts may enjoy.

The fl/cl/pf version of the Fragments ofMorning Has Broken should soon be available on line. Chances are good, I should need to create a Sibelius file of the cl/vn/pf original, which will be a light task.

Went to the MFA yesterday, to enjoy the Goya exhibit on its final day. No matter that there were lines we needed to wait in: it was nice to be at the Museum, and not have to work. While in the last line, I saw a Museum employee I knew, who was aghast that my guests and I had had to wait in line.

"Don't they know who you are?" (Not that I am anyone of importance--I am not--but simply because I had served on the Museum staff at least eight years.)

--"No one here knows me anymore." (Matter-of-factly.)

"Are you $#!tt'n' me?! I know you."

--"I appreciate that."

"I'm going upstairs to slap some sense into them."

(Of course, he committed no such intramural impropriety; but one is grateful for the sentiment.)

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