30 January 2015

On with it

Good rehearsal with my choir last night (and while there was some post-blizzard tardiness, attendance was strong). Starting to make a little more music with the Alleluia in D.

Steady daily progress on the Op.124; Carola & Sylvie will rehearse the 15pp. version of the MS. today. I've reached a point in the text where a little "rest" for the voice is textually appropriate, and part of my work yesterday was the game, Can I write a fugue for marimba solo? Not surprisingly, I shall have to tweak my sketch from yesterday . . . but far from being annoyed that it was not perfect right off, I am pleased at how nearly "on" it is, already. the trick is that it has to fit in the marimbist's two hands, and should not entail a game of "Twister for one." So I've devised a fresh subject, for which motif we can then find subsequent use, too.

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