12 January 2015

Building a better Mousetrap

The Mousetrap I originally prepared in Finale; the process of creating a fresh Sibelius edition looks to be a job of 3-4 days (two of them done). Overall, it is music I am deeply proud to have written. I am thinking of making a couple of phrase-connections a little less rushed, inserting a couple of measures here, a couple there; I do not want to lose the measure numbers as a check while I am plugging notes in, though, so I have left (verbal) notes that I can go back to. Not surprisingly, one of those places I have in mind, was a frustratingly rapid page-turn for the clarinetist.

I'm also making a slight reduction of the tempo marking for "the unison dance" official . . . I suppose that instead of [quarter-note] = 120, I could mark it "112-120" rather than just ratchet down to 112 . . . leave it to other performers who perhaps can indeed fly at the original tempo. Lord knows, 112 does not feel at all lazy . . . .

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