22 July 2014

The weekend's leisure done...

Sunday morning at St Aidan's (picture below) was a lovely occasion, musically satisfactory. The Prelude on « Kremser » (admittedly, nay, designedly, not a great challenge) went perfectly;  I had a good time noodling on the hymns, something I've not done in a long while, but a type of musical activity which reaches back even to when I was a teenager; and Paul & I improvised coöperatively to excellent effect (I thought) for the Offertory (entirely Paul's idea, to give credit where due).

Following up on a fragment of conversation, I may likely arrange Kremser for oboe; which is to say, a task which will require next to no effort.

Lee reports that work continues on a versification of that episode from A Center of the Universe which I've selected for the mezzo-&-marimba piece for Carola & Sylvie.

One of the basses in the First Church choir is also a publisher, and we once had a chat on the lines of, If you published a piece of Henningmusick, what would that piece look like? The answer coincides neatly with a proposal (more of a suggestion, really) Paul once made, that I write a piece technically suited to a good high school chorus, with piano accompaniment, setting a general-use (i.e., non-liturgical) text. It was always a good and sound suggestion;  I've just been about other musical business.

This line of discussion warmed back up this weekend, as Paul told me of a concert he is planning, on the theme of Peace. So, here I go, looking for a good (public domain, non-sacred) text on that sublime Subject. Cannot be hard.

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