26 July 2014

The Fickle Finger of Fate

The notebook has gone a bit dodgy, and has been consigned to the computer garage for the spa treatment. As a result, I am on forced sabbatical from Sibelius.

Spent much of the evening assembling a loveseat, with commendable success.

In the afternoon, I luxuriated in a four-episode Twilight Zone-a-thon, the first four episodes of the third season: "Two" (one of my very favorites, I think), "The Arrival" (whose ending took me by surprise, again), "The Shelter" (one of the most terrifying, I think), and "The Passersby" (which I don't think genuinely predictable, I think it just made such a strong impression when I first saw it, that I was not going to forget its arc). So: Zowie, what a show of strength to open the season!

Listening today was the latter half of the Shostakovich Op.87, the Bruckner Ninth, and the soundtrack to Grosse Pointe Blank.

With no access to Sibelius, I suppose I should work with paper on the piece for CarolaSylvie, as a practically (possibly, utterly) finished text is in hand.

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