17 July 2014

Just the facts, please

From a recent post at Haydn Seek:
I have already, in these pages, had a rant here and there concerning the judgmental attitude displayed by people who should know better. I believe once one has taken it upon himself to illuminate some cultural phenomenon for the rest of society, it is not then necessarily incumbent upon the writer to go further and to pass artistic verdicts which are, by their placement within books of fact, given the aura of being fact themselves. I dearly resent this practice, and so should you. It should be up to you to decide whether this or that work is something you wish to listen to, and even enjoy.
. . . which precisely mirrors my ancient quarrel with Harlow Robinson in his old biography of Prokofiev, where he blandly disses the magnificent Second Symphony, and unnecessarily runs down some other perfectly enjoyable scores.  Tchah!

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