08 July 2014

II.v progress report (4)

Last night, while thunder pealed in the distance, and then the rains poured down in torrents for perhaps 20 minutes, I brought Scene 5 to the end of the Tropes Upon Parasha's Aria. Now there remain some four measures of p.18 of this tiny-print-tabloid hard copy of the 'old' version, which runs to p.25. Offhand, I think I stand some hope of reaching the final double-bar tomorrow (Wed) evening.

The thought occurs to me that this is the 21st century, and I can furnish an alternate version of Scene 5. The decision is not yet entirely firm, but I may well endorse this modified version of the Egyptian Dance as the preference, but leave the Scene with the original Dance as an authorized variant, if there should arise a conductor with an orchestra for whom those frightfully rapid semi-quavers hold no fear.

Part of my recreational listening these past seven-ish days has been the Tallis Complete Works, and I am starting to get ideas for the Gloria; or (in part) ideas I had earlier are taking more definite shape, and reacting to Tallis in the process. Time was short, and we had to prioritize; when I was working with Lux Nova to get imprints ready for the AGO event at First Church, and one of the (many) thoughts I had was the Kyrie, it was decided to hold off until the Mass is complete. White Nights is the priority, and will remain so; still, the back of my mind considers just what I want to do with the remaining Gloria and Sanctus.

There are also just some slight refinements I should make to the Credo, not any recomposing, just some voicing specs.

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