04 July 2014

State of the Nights (White)

As I posted here on 21 May of the present year:
I: Music finished: one hour and 17 minutes' worth. Though the first order of business is, getting all of this "live" again, as Sibelius files. If I can manage that by Independence Day, I shall consider it the Eighth Wonder of the Modern World.
Here it is, the overcast dawn of Independence Day, and if we have not quite threatened to crowd the present Wonders, I am well pleased with the progress.  New (and improved) editions in Sibelius are done for:

  • Op. 75 № 1: Overture [duration 11:00]
  • Op. 75 № 2: Scene 1. St Petersburg, City of the White Nights [duration 13:00]
  • Op. 75 № 3: Scene 2. A Walk in the Meadows [duration 6:30]
  • Op. 75 № 4: Scene 3a.  Nastenka at the Bridge [duration 6:00]
  • Op. 75 № 5: Scene 3b.  An Awkward Pas-de-trois; A Relieved Pas-de-deux; & The Dreamer's Elation After [duration 8:00]
  • Op. 75 № 6: Intermezzo I [duration 6:00]

Total duration of the music now (at last) "in the can": 50:30

The order of business today, then, is to send copies of the refreshed score to a certain colleague . . . and to plunge ahead into Night the Second.


Cato said...

I am hopeful that White Nights will be the work to interest many more people in Henningmusick!

Karl Henning said...

I think the key is getting the whole thing done. I don't necessarily get anyone's ear with "I have a large work which is half done." But when a work of this scope is DONE . . . .