04 July 2014

II.v progress report (1)

It's The Project Made Possibly by a Magnifier . . . the score of Scene 5 as a friend graciously provided in response to my sending off the Finale file is 25 (tabloid) pages long, but the pages I've been working on typically have 29-30 measures.  At this point in the Scene, there are many empty staves which normally would be hidden away;  but instead, I have tiny, tiny print to work from.

That said, I've made it to the first measure of p.4 already (almost two minutes of music, mostly string choir textures).  This is a stretch of music I've not thought about for several years;  so it is a great relief to find that the music remains (I believe) good as is.  (Adding articulations, dynamics, &c.)

Done for the night.  Onward tomorrow!

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