22 May 2014

Firm of purpose

Per yesterday's post, and even though energy was somehow rather depleted, my nominal effort last night for White Nights was a matter of adding rehearsal letters to Scene 2. I must re-read the source novella, as I find myself wondering if the forest must instead be a meadow.

That done, we now have utterly complete:
Scene 2 (Op.75 № 3)
Scene 3a (Op.75 № 4)

A modest enough "start" for re-booting the project more than 12 years on; but it's the right direction, and the momentum is live.

The other work I did last night:

Arranging two of the five numbers of These unlikely events for B-flat soprano cl and E-flat alto cl. I have not, perhaps, looked at these wee pieces for some three years, but on revisiting them last night, I am puzzled that none of the people I've sent them to have played them. Sure, they're just little bagatelles, but damn it, they're good.

Arranging Le tombeau de W.A.G. for 2vn & va. I sent the score and parts right away to the violist (also a conductor), and this morning I found a message he had sent after 11 o'clock last night: he was in rehearsal with his colleagues that evening, and says that they will read it through next Wednesday, and tape the proceedings.

Even with energies down at this point in the week, the wheels turn.

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