24 May 2014

Christmas past, and perhaps yet to come

Curiously, it has become a kind of "Christmas weekend" for me, as I do up Sibelius files of Sweetest Ancient Cradle Song, of my arrangement of God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen . . . and (perhaps) even the first ("big-band") of my settings of the Advent I Antiphon, I look from afar.

I don't know if it is nostalgia (I wrote the piece for Christmas 2002), or fond thoughts of the late Mr Goodwin, or the thought of the piece actually being performed again, or the genuine merits of the music, but I find myself close to tears when reading some passages of the Op.67.

Made it to p.58 of 89 (the old score), so very nearly two-thirds done. Also got my 10,000 steps walked, and did the grocery shopping. So, a fabulous day.

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