18 May 2014

Return to White Nights

Dear Blog,

I've done it again.  A number of musical happenings, but I've not let you in on them.  Let's try again.

At last, I am back to White Nights.  I've not yet written any new material;  thus far (and in anticipation of an event, not yet set on the calendar, in upstate New York) I have been rebuilding already-composed scenes in Sibelius, and (perhaps to my relief) loving the music.  Scenes 2 and 3a are now reconstructed (in token of the work's ultimate necessity, I have been adding rehearsal marks, and {e.g.} articulations in the strings), and so I am now continuing my way backwards towards the Overture, and starting this afternoon on Scene 1.

So, I have been learning how to work a full orchestral score in Sibelius (at last).  And in any case, since I did not have parts from (had not even added, e.g., rehearsal marks to) the Finale version of the scenes, this is work I should have had to do, anyway.

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