19 May 2014

A couple of Twitter facts

Now and again (less frequently lately, perhaps there is some Seeing of the Light in progress), I view in my Twitter feed a remark which, at least in part, boils down to How wonderful is our Twitter?! And thank God we're not Facebook!

Perhaps once a week I go to Twitter on the computer (even on my Droid, I don't generally visit Twitter on a daily basis).  Today, in suggesting "whom" to follow, Twitter informs me that no less than the Boston Symphony Orchestra follows [name of large financial corporation]!

Now, I am a composer.  The BSO doesn't follow me.  They're following the money.

There in a nutshell you have both the real meaning of Social Media, and an icon of the Major Orchestra Dance.


jochanaan said...

And hast thou any works in thy portfolio that the BSO has performed? L'argent fait tout.

Karl Henning said...


I've shown a score to someone in the organization (a bureaucrat, not an artist). Same as in many cases, my music is simply nothing like their flavor du jour.

jochanaan said...

Your error was to show it to a bureaucrat. Perhaps an orchestra member--wait--they never have any pull in the organization!