14 June 2013

Five years ago

Well, all right, I’ve been blogging for a while now (and, it may be argued, to little purpose enough).

This was my post of five years ago today . . . reflecting on no flowers withal to deck Prokofiev’s grave.

Two colleagues here in Boston have had a look at Kingsfold, and are passing it on to other interested parties. Hey, it’s a network.

The woodwindist in Colorado, for whose trio I composed Starlings on the Rooftop, writes of the piece:

We liked it!  It's fun to play, and not too difficult for amateur musicians.  Most college musicians could play it, but it's also fun for professionals.

Mark Gresham made the excellent suggestion that clarinet could (at need) substitute for the English horn.

If it feels a bit like I’m vamping, don’t worry:  feels that way to me, too.

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