15 June 2013

The doggone minute I've decided to hold on

As documented by an image earlier posted to this very blog, so far as concerns Radiant Maples, Opus 59, for flute, clarinet in B-flat, harp & piano, the XML transfer method is one of the five startlingest non-starters in the history of music engraving. I think there may be nothing for it, and that (in the case of more than one section with rapid figurations in uneven note divisions) there's apt to be no solution short of do it again.

This is not complaint, it's appraisal. Knowledge is Power. (And still, rhythmically simpler passages {marginally the greater part of the piece} may import well enough via pdf.)

Considering this month's musical To Do List: the news is much better (and, as focused as I have been on solving for Maples, unexpected) with the Fragments of « Morning Has Broken », Opus 64a, for flute, clarinet in B-flat, and piano. This score is overall much simpler rhythmically, and appears actually to have survived the XML ordeal as intact as might reasonably be expected.

Suggest, if you must, that this is irrationally exuberant of me, but I think it realistically possible to chop a new Fragments out in an evening's work. Don't take my word for it: we shall put the matter to the test, tonight.

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