12 June 2013

Mind frolic

Last night I dreamt of going home. Not our actual home, but a home we'd lately moved into. And yet, it being a dream and only partly rational, the emotion was homecoming, relaxation, peace. And in the dream I had a sense that I had dreamt this home before. The second floor felt cool; the third warm, cozy, and yet having many rooms, ample space. And I woke up, and my feelings affirmed that I had dreamt that house before. But later in the day, when I was properly awake, I had a feeling that any prior knowledge of that home was an illusion. That in the dream, in the house, I was aware I was dreaming, and had felt that I had dreamt the dream before, but that the sense that I had had the recurring dream was an illusory creation within the dream.

And now that I am fully awake, I have no idea what the fact of the matter is.

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