28 October 2023

The Audacity of Nope

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Postcards From Red Squirrel Trail

I don’t want any commies in my car. No Christians either!

— Harry Dean Stanton in Repo Man

Ten years ago today, I wrote: Music is part of the tangle of my life, so that it is pointless to wish that some part of my past had been at all otherwise, since my music would therefore be otherwise. (I mean, if I think at all that I am making the right music.

The orchestral call I mention here has been a bit of a poser, at least in terms of what I have ready on the shelf. As to what I was thinking at first, the prohibition against harp rules out White Nights, Second, Fuchsia is too brief. Third, the Symphony requires too many winds to qualify. I think I’ll drop the harp and non-timpani percussion from Ear Buds, I’ll let it take its chances here as well. One can submit two works, so I was thinking of going ahead and writing a new ten-minute orchestral piece. The first 20-ish seconds which I composed today of The Cape of Good Nope I have set aside as too dense and too aimless, and I started practically afresh (although using some of the material of the bad sketch) and I've got 40-ish seconds of a decent start on the piece now.

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