09 October 2023

Something Good I Wasn't Expecting

Apocalypse Soon: I guess I’ve learnt not to be astonished by hearing things like “award-winning [name of brand] garbanzos.”
Porridger’s Almanack (Breakfast of Ganglions)

I wonder if I packed my scotch.

— Avatar, Ralph Bakshi’s Good Wizard.

On Wednesday, a wonderful surprise greeted me. A pianist of my “virtual acquaintance” whose work I enjoy (there is an album or two of hers which are part of my listening rotation every week) messaged me to say how much she was enjoying exploring my work as available on YouTube and to ask if I might have music for a trio she knows, consisting of flute, violin and cello. So, these several days I have chipped away at adapting not only A Snootful of Hooch, one of any number of pieces I have written and then completely forgotten, but one of my rejected Rapido! Submissions, too: the Boston Harbor Heave-Ho (Tea Party Dance) and Revere’s Midnight Reel (War Dance) for fl/vn/vc. These last are also styled as Dances of Nonchalance and Exhilaration. The Heave-Ho has been brought to listeners via an adaptation for the k a rl h e nn i ng Ensemble. Separately: My review of the opening night program at Symphony Hall.

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