27 October 2023

En pensant à l'orchestre

Sneak some chic shiitake for Schnittke's sake.
Why are the geezer's tweezers in the freezer?
Porridger’s Almanack (Breakfast of Ganglions)

If the judge in the Rittenhouse case doesn't like the word ‘victim,’ perhaps the phrase ‘unarmed person shot to death’ might do the trick.

— Jn Cleese

The orchestral call I mention here has been a bit of a poser, at least in terms of what I have ready on the shelf. One can submit two works, so I’ll leave open the possibility of something new. As to what I was thinking at first, the prohibition against harp rules out White Nights, Second, Fuchsia is too brief. Third, the Symphony requires too many winds to qualify. I think I’ll drop the harp and non-timpani percussion from Ear Buds, I’ll let it take its chances here as well. Seven years ago today I posted on Facebook: Began sketches for the second movement while rolling into Boston on the Red Line. These sketches record ideas which I was turning in my inner ear while my head lay on the pillow last night, so work actually started 26 October.

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