14 November 2018

Today and yesterday

. . .she let out a scream,
That’s when my heart started jumping
Like a broken TV.
– Adrian Belew, “The Momur” (1981)

Broken TV’s don’t jump.
– Man in the Street (2018)

Tombez, larmes silencieuses,
Sur une terre sans pitié ;
Non plus entre les mains pieuses,
Ni sur sein de l’amitié !
– Alphonse de Lamartine

Oxygen Footprint, Op.138a is on a program this evening at Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama.  Thank you again, Ensemble Aubade.

Six years ago today, I was apparently at work on the Credo:

There’s an Out in the Sun trick I am thinking of employing for Et homo factus est.

No, not the bass trombone . . . .

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