11 November 2018

An Unusual Option Taken Up

At the outset, it was a whimsical notion, to take the instrumental duo Considering My Bliss Options and adapt it for voice and alto saxophone.  So there can be no surprise at (and possibly no serious objection to) consequent whimsicalities.

It was thoroughly and admirably sporting of Megan Ihnen and Alan Theisen to accept the proposed project;  and that the text should so tickle them, well . . . that was indeed my intent, but one is highly gratified when the intent is so richly fulfilled.

As Megan is not a Jersey girl (and shame on any who think any the less of her on that account) she wanted to be certain of pronunciation, so I gladly furnished a pronunciation guide in the form of a sound file.  And I admit that, practically upon the instant of suggesting that I provide this guide, the whimsical idea coalesced, of commandeering it for a new Rogue Gloss.

And so, Gentle Reader, here it is.

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