07 November 2018

Oxygen and Trumpeter, largely

Ensemble Aubade are about to embark on a tour of the South (Alabama, Mississippi) and will perform the Oxygen Footprint on all but one occasion.  Nothing says The group as a whole believes in the music, quite like their continuing to program and perform it.

I have prepared a fresh clarinet part for this month’s “teaser version” of The Mystic Trumpeter.  Still need to scrawl a few cues.  The Triad concerts are just a week and a half away.

There are only a couple of very minor adjustments needed, to our performing love is the every only god.  My most nearly serious concern is, that Jorge feel comfortable with the drum in Dying, Dying in the Night.

The thought lodged in my mind without quite crossing through, of working on the oboes/English horn lines for the Op.99a tonight; but I think I shall leave that lot of work until Saturday morning.

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